Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Have Rights Too

Someone used the term Homophobic last night on TV and I went ballistic. I am done with all of the crap that liberals and Socialists including Obama espouse. As of the 20th of this month Obama will have been in office for 14 months. He has embarrassed us in front of the entire world. He has run us so far into debt that we may never get out. He is by far the most corrupt, dishonest person ever to live in the White House. He has not improved our standing with any nation in the world and he has damaged our standing with the best Allie we have in the Mideast which is Israel. Obama hasn't done one good honest thing since he was elected. He has raised our debt as far into the future as we can see and he has spent 14 months trying to destroy the best health care system in the world for the sole purpose of socializing this nation. He has given us deflation, which will change to hyperinflation soon, 10% unemployment with more on the way. Up to 20% if you count everyone. If you support Obama you are either black, Socialist, or just old fashion stupid, but I have digressed. The reason I went ballistic at the word homophobic was because I refuse to tolerate people who are politically any longer. I have never been politically correct and never will be, but now I am done with anyone else who feels the need to be politically correct. Political correctness is the reason we can't talk about race, or for that matter much of anything else. The constitution and bill of rights give me the freedom to choose who I want to associate with and I don't want to associate with homosexuals, socialists, and many others. I truly believe a person can't help who or what they are attracted to. If a man likes women with red hair and big boobs so be it. I don't believe he can control how he feels. I believe some men can't help being attracted to children, but you can certainly control how you act on those feelings. Those who don't when it comes to children end up in jail. As for homosexuals, I don't approve of that lifestyle so if they act out on their feelings I choose to not be around them. That is my right and only a stinking liberal wouldn't understand and respect that. They live by feelings too so they prefer to call me names because I don't agree with them. One other thing. All I have heard for the last 14 months is health care. Vote on the thing or don't but be done with it. We will deal with the result however we have to.

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