Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama's Accomplishments Year 1

In his first year Obama has raised the taxes on cigarettes. He has gone around the world apologizing for the US. He has allowed the terrorist massacre at Fort Hood and the attempted massacre of the people on the flight from Nigeria. He has removed the words terrorist combatant from the federal language. He has taken over the auto and banking industries. He has propped up Fannie and Freddie with our tax dollars. He has allowed unemployment to go as high as 30 million+ people. He has signed the stimulus bill which has created no jobs, but a great slush fund for him. He has filled his cabinet with lobbyists, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, and sexual perverts. Would you trust his safe schools czar perverse fagot Kevin Jennings to baby sit your young son for a weekend? How do you feel about Van Jones an admitted communist, or Cass Sunstein who believes that animals should be able to sue humans or John Holdren a total nut job. He has spent the entire year trying to socialize our health system and bankrupt our country in the process. He has been in bed even before he was elected with SEIU, Acorn, and several other low life individuals and groups. Andy Stern president of SEIU might as well move into the white house as much time as he spends there. He has lied non-stop from the first day of his campaign and he will continue to lie until he is in the grave. He brought dead fish Rham Emanual and David Axlerod with him from Chicago and he has surrounded himself with the worst incompetent vermin he could find. I have spent a lot of time in Chicago and corruption is just the way of life there. In Chicago if you get stopped by a city cop and you get a ticket you are a moron. I have been stopped a few time and haven't found a cop yet that won't take a bribe.


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