Thursday, December 31, 2009

Facts are Funny Things

I realize facts are sometimes difficult things to deal with, but I think it is past time for you liberals to suck it up and admit that you have been lied to and cheated on by your post racial president. Let's see how that hope and change has worked and let's be as fair as possible. Ronald Reagan never once blamed anything that occurred from day one on Jimmy Carter and Jimmy Carter left a lot bigger mess than Bush did. So it's time for you to move on and make Obama take responsibility for the lies he's told and the mess he's made.
He's quadrupled the deficit with his stimulus plan that is nothing more than a slush fund. During the campaign he said we would have five days to look at bills on line. He said no lobbyists would be allowed in his White House. He said congressional debates would be on C-Span. He said his administration would be transparent. He said if the stimulus bill was passed unemployment wouldn't go over 8%. I'm sure you remember it was passed without being read and unemployment is over 10%. He said he would close Gitmo. He didn't close it he's trying to move it to IL. He said he would go through spending bills line by line which was a lie. He said no more earmarks, but there have been over 13000 he has signed to date. He has wasted an entire year trying to pass a health care bill that no human being knows what is in it including Obama. He promised you liberals a public option and now he would settle for a pubic option. Even if this bill passes it is unconstitutional because the federal government can't force you to buy anything and they sure can't fine you if you don't. At first I was really angry at all of this, but I am finally beginning to enjoy this weak kneed joke of a one term president. This country is strong enough to stand one term. We made it through one term with Carter and he was worse. The next president in 2012 will be conservative as will congress and they can repeal what ever he does and restore our standing in the world. I think it is hilarious that John Dean and John McCain agree that the health care bill should be stopped in it's tracks. I wish I could say that I feel badly for you liberals, but the problem is I don't. Obama is a liar and you let your feelings buy into his lies instead of believing in the facts such as the people he surrounded himself with. They are some of the worst scum in this country and you thought he would be different. You lose.

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