Friday, January 22, 2010

The Liberal Gold Rusk is Over

This is directed at the liberals in California in particular and all liberals in general. You are a mirror of what the Us would have been had it not been for the Massachusetts vote yesterday. The people have spoken and thank God they did. We don't want San Francisco liberal politics or Chicago thug politics. You have bankrupted the most liberal and most populous state in the nation, you have driven business out of your state as fast as you could by the high taxes and stupid so called green issues. You have sanctuary cities everywhere, and millions of illegal aliens that you have to be supported by tax payers money. Even a smart child can see what you have done wrong, but will you man up and do the right thing? No. You would rather save a Delta Smelt and put thousands of people out of a job in the San Joaquin valley. The most fertile land on earth. You want a state where unions control government everything. Even though it is not sustainable. I guess you think you can keep doing the same stupid things over and over and the rest of the country will bail you out. You are wrong and you are not to big to fail. Failure is the only option for you, because that is the only thing that may bring you back to reality. Maybe when your allys and streets fill up with rotting garbage because you can't afford trash removal and the crime rate soars because you can no longer afford to pay police you will finally wake up. When that happens, and it will you will realize that the liberal low life Hollywood stars and the liberal nut jobs in your state don't mean anything to the rest of the country. You deserve the people that you love so much such as Sean Penn, Alick Baldwin, Danny Glover, Michael Moore, and the list is endless. As of today the game changes. Your once mighty Obama is now a lame duck president and it only took one year to the day. Your once mighty super majority is done again one year to the day. Cry if you must, but then wake up and make the changes that are necessary for your state to survive and prosper once again. If you don't be prepared for total failure.

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