Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm a Non-Believer

I am a non-believer. I don't believe in atheism, communism, socialism, Islam, political correctness, cultism, global warming, global economies, liberalism, rewritten history, and many other things that are far to many to mention. I do believe in Jesus Christ. I do believe the Bible. George Washington did too so I am comfortable with that company. Life is only as complicated as you chose to make it. I happen to like the felicity that view brings to my life. Everyone has to believe in something and some have a herd mentality which leads to believing in what your friends believe so you will fit in. I know many people believe in atheism or Darwinism, and that's fine, but it is just to much of a stretch for me. I find it impossible to believe that the universe and everything in it is the result of a big bang. Where did the material for the big bang come from? What caused it to go bang? I love the analogy of the dictionary exploding and creating the encyclopedia.
I love to watch people who are afraid to really take a look at the Muslim terrorists and call them what they are. They are “wild men” fathered by Ishmael. Ishmael's father was Abraham Genesis 16:12. I realize that is far to simple an explanation for the billions of people who are all smarter than I am but it works for me. I also realize it is not politically correct because we don't want to profile or hurt anyone's feelings or judge the whole by the actions of a few.
We have at the very least a weak, inexperienced, Muslim sympathizer in the White House. Obama is a Saul Alinsky believer. Good old Saul was a communist who wrote the bible for US communists (Rules for Radicals). He and his Chicago thug friends won't be happy until they have done all of the damage they can to our country. They have a loud and vocal cheer leading group in the liberals. It will take years to undo what these morons have done if it can be undone at all.

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